Saturday, August 8, 2009

LEDs, jewelry, and a quilt in progress.

So I had the best of intentions of making lots of great stuff this summer. And then I ended up spending a lot of time at work/outdoors instead. I finally got back into being crafty over the past week: I made a birthday present for my mom, I made a necklace for a friend of mine as a very late birthday present, and finally started working some more on my quilt (that one I started at the beginning of the summer? yeah.)

This is the beginnings of what I mad for my mom. Took a picture of my sister and I, engraved it on some acrylic, wired in some LEDs, and put it in a frame. Right now it plugs up to a 9V battery, but someday I'll figure out how to use an old power cord to plug it into the wall.

This is a necklace I made for Michelle. There's blue goldstone, iolite, and apatite. Eddie told me he liked it so much that I should keep it, but I sent it off with a CD I promised I would make her ages ago. Hopefully she likes it as much. When Eddie was up here a couple weeks ago, we got some beads at the flea market and made a couple other neclaces, of which I am also a huge fan.

Here's how the quilt's going so far. For my pinwheel blocks, I cut each of the colored squares in half along a diagonal then sewn together with a white piece. Then, because the pattern I got is weird, I get to cut each of those into smaller squares (as seen above). Then I sew these into groups of four, and I have one pinwheel. One 2.5" square pinwheel. And I'm making 80. I spent about 10 hours today and yesterday doing that bolded bit for 1/5th of my quilt. This is so much more work than I thought. granted, I was watching tv. I'd done the first 1/5th earlier, and was hoping to iron the seams and put together some pinwheels, and then I realized that my room mate with the iron took it with him when he went to England a month ago. -sigh-. I guess I'll just try to cut the rest of them out before I get back to College Station and can sew them back together.

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  1. O Help, it would take me years! Good luck with the quilt, and: I love the necklace

    greeting from Holland,