Saturday, June 20, 2009

Starting A Quilt!

It ended up taking a few weeks for my job paperwork to go through. I spent some time in Arkansas with the boyfriend's family, in College Station, and in Austin with my family. It was overall a fun few weeks, just a little stressful what with not knowing when I was going to start. I finally started this Wednesday.

I've been wanting to make a quilt for a while now. I made an easy one with the boyfriend's mother a while back, but I wanted to make a real patchwork quilt. I've had a pattern picked out for a while, but while I was swimming in the pool at home, I finally decided what colors I wanted it to be.

My pool in Austin.

I picked out some fabrics around College Station, Austin, and Albuquerque on my way out here, and I've finally gotten all the colored pieces cut.

Piles of fabric leftover and a sampling of my color squares.

Now I just have to iron the white ones, cut them out, and sew it together! No big deal, right? :PI haven't yet decided what I want to do for the border, but I'm thinking about a pieced back with some super cute elephant fabric sort of along the lines of this little owl.


  1. Looks cute =] I like the colors, hope it turns out well! The owl is super cute too. Elephants, of course, will be cuter. Good luck with your job, i hope you have tons of fun =]
    -Your favorite sister.

  2. Thanks for visiting me at Sweeter Living!
    Your name is in the drawing... good luck!

    I love the material for your quilt. The colors look great! Make sure you post a picture of the finished product.

    Take care and enjoy summer!

  3. I am liking the blues and the greens. Very soothing and yet looks great.

    P/S : I wanted to say thank you for dropping by my blog during the SMS Giveaway and to let you know that I am having another giveaway now.