Saturday, May 23, 2009

Leaving Monterey

It turned out to be a pretty stressful week, but I did learn some neat stuff. Monterey was also a great city. It turns out I can't start work this week like I thought - and its too bad I can't hang out in Monterey for a week instead of New Mexico. I never did find enough time to go to the aquarium - but my dad says he'll bring me some time. Two of my favorite things here: avocados and sea lions.

There's a sub place in Austin called thundercloud subs. I love it - partially because they're one of the only sub places I know of in Austin/College Station that has avocado - not guacamole with onions/peppers/etc. in it (which not many more places have). The main sub thundercloud sells with avocado is the California Club. Oddly enough, all the sandwich-type places I've been here have avocado (even the subway). And they were all scrumptious. Especially crepes - there is a Monterey Crepe Co - a creperie? Fantastic.

The picture isn't great - I just found it online.

I also went walking after class Thursday, and found lots of birds and sea lions. and a starfish, although those pictures didn't turn out so well.

There was just a long pier-type of thing with rocks full of sea lions all along one side. They were adorable, all though kind of stinky. Some of them were gigantic.

I also spent a while trying to take pictures of birds flying, which was more difficult. I managed a couple that I liked.

More pictures from Monterey here. Hopefully I'll find something entertaining to do in New Mexico until I get to start work - maybe I'll go check out another national park.

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